We are Greg & Lynn Bruce and we’re glad you stopped by.

Created To Be Free Mentoring is dedicated to helping men and women who are dealing with addiction, specifically sex addiction, to find freedom.  If you know you have a problem but have no idea where to start, think you’re “all alone,” been “found out” and are desperate to find help and healing or just found out the man or woman you’ve loved dearly for years has betrayed you, we hope you find help and hope in our story.  We have been exactly where you are.  We are where we are now because of the Grace of God, His unfailing Love and Mercy and a lot of hard, soul-wrenching work on our part.  The work of God and the Holy Spirit in our lives is nothing short of miraculous but I would mislead you if I told you it has been easy to change a life-time, a life-style, of addiction.

We believe with all our hearts that Our Father can and will do the same for you.  Our God is a God of Grace and Peace and Relationship and He longs to have the Relationship with you that He designed before there was time. He longs for you to have, through Jesus, the Relationship He designed for you and your spouse. Our Heavenly Father loves you – probably more than you know right now – which is part of the problem.  Open your hearts and let Him in. He waits for you.

This is a simple site, hopefully easy to navigate. There’s not a lot of glitz or glamour.  The goal is that it is simple, functional and purposefully helpful.  Our Story is a shortened version of what we present when we speak to groups. The details that aren’t included (it’s a small novel) will show up in my Blog as I write and give you encouragement, hope and direction. Recovery and freedom from addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Addicts create their addiction in relationship and only in relationship can they be free. The Resources page is an ongoing list of books, media, websites and songs that have been helpful to us on our Journey. It is a “living” list and I’ll update it as I continue to read, study, pray and grow.

The Blogs are a continuing journal of our Journey – what we did, how we did it, what we’ve learned, how we’ve grown and how we’re continuing to grow. As it should be that’s a lot of “we’s.” For the life of my addiction those were “me’s and I’s,” – my selfishness, my self-righteousness, my self-centeredness, my self-absorbed life – the key problem, typical of all addicts. It truly has become Lynn’s and my Journey.  Our growth.  Our struggle.  Our victory in Jesus. The more I study and learn about addiction the more I see that our Journey is not typical. There are aspects that are universal to addiction (selfishness, lies, deception, deceit, medicating, fear) but along the way we’ve made choices, God-led choices, paths that God selected for us, that aren’t considered “best practice” by other experts in the field. We made choices at the time without the help we needed that we would make differently now that we’ve walked those paths. Even as we floundered, God took those decisions, wrapped them in His infinite Wisdom and Grace and made them work for our good – beyond our wildest imaginations. When I write I’ll be clear to make a distinction between what we did and what the “current understanding” is. If you’re working with me we’ll find the best way for you to move forward. I can’t argue the end result of having been set free by God’s work in our lives and the paths to which He directed us.

This is Our Journey and not all aspects will apply to your specific Journey. We have grown and learned from our mistakes. We have a greater knowledge of what’s considered “best practice.” With God’s guidance, we can help you get through this. If I’ve learned anything at all, it’s HIS call – every minute of every day. That includes you and your Journey.

Our “local” territory is the North Central Oregon Coast. We live in Lincoln City but our reach is truly International as electronics and world issues make teleconferencing a truly viable option. We continue to hold closely our ties with Grace Chapel in Wilsonville, Pure Desire International and BraveHearts. Our prayer is that as you read and explore our site that you will find hope and help for healing; that you discover, whether you are the addict or the betrayed, you are NOT ALONE.  You do not have to struggle, wander and wonder how to find help.

Wherever you live, whatever stage you’re in, there is help nearby. Contact me. Let’s talk. You were Created To Be Free.

Thank you for visiting.  We appreciate your visit and your comments.

Freedom is a gift from God. It is also His Promise; and He ALWAYS keeps His Promises.

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