The “Journey”

If you’ve read Our Story then you have some idea where my Journey began and when it turned to hope and freedom.  Because of space limitations Our Story is severely edited.  If you spend much time in my blog posts then you’ll begin to piece together the details of our Journey.  I, Greg, write almost all the posts but it is most certainly Lynn’s and my Journey together for as we were insistent on teaching our children, none of us live in a vacuum and our choices do not affect only us.  I may be writing most of the blogs but it is a mutual Journey, to God’s Glory.

The blog is intended to be helpful, thought-provoking, non-judgmental and heart-felt — from my heart to yours.   Will it often be convicting and hard to hear, possibly even harsh?  Yes.  I do hope so because that’s often what we need to hear but always in the context of “I’ve been there.”  There will be no throwing of stones.  It is foolish for a man who lives in a glass house to begin a rock fight.  I do guarantee occasionally to step on your toes as I have had to step on my own to find freedom.

You see, I have been SET FREE from my addiction.  God set me free.  Lynn and I believe with all our hearts that He performed a miracle in my heart, my brain, my life.  It was not with great pomp and circumstance (things I often sought in my addiction) or an outward manifestation of casting out demons but we believe none-the-less that the miracle is real and HIS, to HIS Glory.  I have not relapsed nor acted out nor had the desire to do so since being found out in August of 2015.  Please do not read that as it has been easy.  Like every addict I had a lot of baggage and trauma that required working through.  Like every addict I was a liar.  I was a gifted liar.  A consummate liar.  It was my primary language.  I lied even when it wasn’t necessary to lie.  I lied to myself constantly.  It took 18 months with counseling, a lot of stops and starts and Lynn’s grace to become 100% honest.  It was excruciating work.  And so worth it.

You will find that I refer to the “heart” often in my writings as I believe when you truly seek freedom from your addiction a change of heart is the very foundation of that freedom.  Paul calls it a “renewing of your mind” (Rom. 12:2, Eph. 4:23, Phil. 4:8). Without a deep involvement of your heart you will never be able to fathom the amazing Grace of God’s Love for you personally.  Neither will you ever comprehend, and feel deeply enough, the incredible pain and anguish your behavior has inflicted on your wife.  I believe these two elements of the heart are crucial and without them the best you can hope for is management – a life-time short of Freedom.

There is a necessity that this be a Journey – for looking back we never hope and standing still we never move.  The Journey is courageously becoming honest, truthful, vulnerable, transparent and trusting.  It took a journey for us to get ourselves into the pig sty.  It takes a Journey to come home.  Rest assured that God is watching for you – The Prodigal – to come home.  He was for me.  Count on that with all your heart.  He is watching for each of us to Journey home to Him.  His arms are open wide with Grace, Mercy and Love.  He is THE Loving Father.

It’s time to come home, my friends.  God bless your road to Freedom.

Freedom is a gift from God. It is also His Promise; and He ALWAYS keeps His Promises.

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