An Apology To Women

Sometimes a blog is simply better using another person’s voice, another person’s thoughts or another person’s heart. Such is this blog. For this week, I’m linking to someone else’s heart who got it “just right.”

A friend of mine with whom I meet weekly, shared it with me. He said he “got it from his wife who got it from her APSAT who got it from who knows where.” It’s a God-thing. After watching it with his wife, my friend said that they cried, talked about it and experienced a new depth in their marriage restoration.

The presentation is addressed directly to women but it is for everyone – women, men, married, unmarried, betrayed, betrayer, struggler – everyone. It’s called “An Apology To Women” and was recorded in 2013. I believe it’s long overdue. Again.

What did I do? I shared it with Lynn, of course. That evening we listened to it together. Really listened.

When Mr. Brazell was done, it was very quiet for a bit. Then Lynn said, “WOW. He hit every point, every situation, every topic and then he hit all the nuances of each of them. He didn’t miss a single thing. Wow.”

This presentation is inspired; maybe not in a “Holy Spirit Biblical writing” way but definitely in the “Holy Spirit moving in a man’s heart so he can voice this apology” way.

Men, if this video doesn’t break your heart over what you’ve done to your spouse in your addiction, you may need to check whether it’s functioning.

Ladies, I pray that each of you who choose to watch this video hear what it is that God knows you need to hear – for healing to begin or for healing to progress. He knows.

“I, too, am very sorry.”

Freedom is a gift from God. It is also His Promise; and He ALWAYS keeps His Promises.

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