As Lynn and I were doing our Psalms devotional last night (Dr. Tim Keller’s Book) God did what He is so good about doing for me – He gave me dual confirmation of something important I’m supposed to “get.”

We were in the April 2nd devotional which is Psalm 49, verses 9-16. Psalm 49 is a lament, a grieving, an open expression of the psalmist’s full emotion laid at the feet of God. Dr. Keller made a couple of good points (as he usually does) and then He made “God’s point” – the one that triggered the avalanche of connections.

Most of us in suffering stop praying altogether or we toss up a brief, microwave petition for help. God understands us so well He permits us, even encourages us, [to let it all out]. These were the good points. And then the two words that started the cascade of thoughts, feelings and connections: uncensored hearts. We are encouraged to bring our Heavenly Father every hurt, disappointment, struggle, emotion – everything – with uncensored hearts.

The cascade: In essence I heard Him say, “Bring it on. I made those emotions. I’m not offended. I’m not scared. I’m way bigger than all of them. It’s as if you truly think I don’t already know how you feel and what you’re going to say. Nothing surprises me. All I ask is that you’re honest and truthful and come to me in relationship. Then I can, and I will, help you through it.”

And that connected (at least in my heart) to abundance. He lavishly gives. He promises abundance in our lives – not to be read as wealth but it could be. “… abundantly more than we dare ask or think ….” Then I connected the sermon series from church: “More.” More Love. More giving. More relationship with our Savior. More stepping into the misery and the margins and the mess of people’s lives who are hurting and in pain. Abundantly “More.”

“Uncensored” then called out to its friend “unfettered” and that led me to the “More” sermon recently about unfettered, unrestrained Worship as warfare; when we Worship freely we affect the unseen battle in the Spiritual realm. We praise the Lord of Hosts. We raise His banner in the battle.

That made me remember how I felt a little over three years ago when I surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and I couldn’t get enough of Him, couldn’t pray enough, read enough, learn well enough His ways. I was satisfied but never filled; there was always more I could have if I pursued it. And I do. I am.

The most remarkable thing to me about this exchange wasn’t all the confirmations from God that He had something for me and I should pay attention. I’m getting used to Him having to use several unrelated sources to make me hear. I am improving! No, the most remarkable thing to me about this event is all this stuff – these thoughts, these emotions, these instructions, these encouragements, these reminders – happened in a matter of moments; a minute, maybe two.

And then I blurted it all out to Lynn. I dumped it on her. I was a little wired. I really like it when God connects dots for me so I come to a focused point: He is big enough. He is not asleep. He has not forsaken me, or you. The “fear giant” before me MUST fall when I worship. “Come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest [comfort, security, love, a safe place to express your deepest anguish, to name a few things in which we can rest].” My Father is the biggest, baddest, ‘funnest’, loving, most gracious Father on the block. And His is a really, really big block.

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