CTBF, Inc.

CTBF, Inc.
Raise Your Helping Hand

CTBF, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a heart for helping men, couples, and families heal from the devastation of pornography, habitual sexual sin, and sex addiction. Due to the nature of addiction, the financial cost of healing is often outside an addict’s means. Working hand-in-hand with Created To Be Free Mentoring, we are striving to bring healing to more men and families. Your contribution can help stop the cycle of addiction and possibly save a marriage and a family.

Thank you for your generous and continued support.

Our Beliefs

We are first and foremost a faith-based ministry. We believe that freedom from addiction and a life of wholeness comes only through the Grace of God Almighty and Holy Spirit’s Power.

We believe that every man with the heart, desire and courage to pursue freedom from sexual
addiction should have the opportunity & finances should not prevent that pursuit.

We believe in Godly stewardship of your donations and strive to keep overhead and expenses to a minimum. It is important we maximize the
benefit of your contributions for the men, marriages, and families that need it.

How You Can Help


Giving online has never been more secure,
convenient or hassle-free with our donation button. You can donate just once or set up a recurring donation.
If you prefer, checks can be sent to our Lincoln City address, listed in the footer.


We covet your prayers. You can get involved today by
becoming a PRAYER PARTNER. Use the “Prayer Warriors” button below and we’ll add you to our Prayer Warrior contact list. We will honor your passion for prayer and keep you informed while not inundating you with updates.