To those of you who follow this blog I apologize.  The blog I wanted to write couldn’t be written until Friday evening until Lynn officially gave notice at work and then events simply took over.  Good events.  No. Great events. But I missed a week.

This blog is a tribute to my beautiful, darling wife. Lynn doesn’t know I’m writing it and she won’t be very comfortable with it because as a tribute it’s about her. It’s also about God’s working in her life; and by default, my life.

Tuesday, the 7th of May, 2019, Lynn was offered her dream job. Her cover letter on her resume states her dream job is an Estate Gardener; to be in charge of the grounds of a major estate. I do not know the exact title she now holds, but it is something to the effect of Estate Gardener or Landscape & Grounds Manager. Either way, she has been given the task to take the “okay” grounds of a Resort and Spa on the Oregon Coast and “make them her own.” Turn it into a wonder. Give it her touch and make it shine. A daunting task but one she is more than capable of conquering.

“Why,” you ask, “does this qualify for a tribute?” Granted, it’s pretty cool. DREAM JOB. How often do those come around? Once a lifetime, if we’re ‘lucky’ or ‘fortunate’? The tribute is two-pronged: the fact that she has landed a job with a prestigious Resort and the long, arduous path that led her here.

You’re on this website so you know that for years Lynn has been mistreated by me. Betrayed by me. And yet, she has shown a Godly Spirit and Grace beyond measure. She sacrificed income and not having things others take for granted as we lived on a single income so she could do what her heart told her was right: home-school all four of our children. She stayed home and took care of the six of us, even when one of us (me) was less than deserving of her loving care. She made our house a home for all of us.

When the kids were nearly all out of the house she began to work outside the home. She took a job with a hazelnut grower and loved what she was doing and the people she was working with. I made it hell for her; tried to control her movements. What should have been a wonderful experience with wonderful people, was anything but. She landed one job after another and worked tirelessly for each employer only to be passed over for promotions time and again, or relegated to peon status when her skill set, dedication and loyalty dictated more or, in one case, was emotionally abused by a boss with huge emotional problems. For ten years this has been the painful anthem. And in all of this turmoil of career she courageously chose to enter into marital recovery with the man who betrayed her.

She wondered, we wondered, “When is it Lynn’s turn? When does something wonderful happen for her? Where, O God, are you in the life of your obedient, Beloved Daughter?” Sure, I know we have no ‘right’ to expect anything from God. He’s gone above and beyond by making a way for our Salvation in Jesus. If he never did anything else for us, Salvation alone should be enough to command our obedience. But thankfully, that’s not who He is. He LOVES us with all His Heart. He is incapable of doing otherwise. However, He does it in His time and in His way and that often does not fit with our limited understanding of the universe.

Well. It is finally Lynn’s turn. DREAM JOB. Our Good Heavenly Father has determined that now is the right time. Now it is for our BEST that we pack up, sell our house of 20 years, move to the coast and rebuild our lives together. DREAM JOB. Ministry possibilities. Grandkids nearby. Exciting. Overwhelming. Sad (leaving our incredible family at Grace Chapel). But I wish you could see the joy in Lynn’s eyes. The smile on her face when she thinks about it. The excitement of a new beginning in so many ways.

Each and every wonderful thought and feeling has been so long in coming. And no one deserves it more than Lynn. No one. I am thrilled to be able to write this mini-tribute for her.

God bless you, Lynn, my Love. Congratulations. This is truly amazing and you deserve every wonderful minute of it.

I love you.

Freedom is a gift from God. It is also His Promise; and He ALWAYS keeps His Promises.

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